Limitless Book Review – Life-Changing Bestseller by Jim Kwik [The Best Book to Begin 2023]

"Limitless" by Jim Kwik is an inspirational book designed to make you think differently and live a better life.Created with the intention of making your brain reach its full potential, this book will help you achieve your goals and live a limitless life.This book is not only a great read but also a reference for anyone who is aspiring to be their best self.


I read Limitless book by Jim Kwik and I loved it! I don’t usually read a lot of business/self-help books but this one was just so good!

It was so easy to get through, and the author packed a ton of useful information. This book is different from anything else I’ve ever read.

In today’s world, it’s not enough to get by on your wits and talent. In order to reach your full potential you have to be willing to use every advantage available. Limitless Book presents the reader with actionable steps that are guaranteed to take you beyond your limits and show you how to unleash your true potential.

Inside this book is everything you need in order for you to achieve anything and everything that you want in life.

Do you have too much to read but too little time? Do you have books on your shelf that you haven’t gone to yet?

Imagine just doubling your reading speed. You save almost two hours a day. Over the course of a year is a lot of hours. This book is the product of 20 years of research in the area of reading.

Have you ever read a page in a book, got to the end, and just forgot what you just read?

In this book, you will learn how to improve your focus, if you have challenges or your children have challenges with reading and getting easily distracted.

What I liked in this book

There is a lot of practical stuff you can do to improve the desired sides of your body:

  • Exercises to increase reading speed, understand & memorize more in a shorter time. These are really useful if you’re a student. Having a ton of books to read in a short amount of time can be really frustrating. Especially if the exams are coming soon. With some of the techniques described in this book, you will be able to understand more and remember faster the texts you are reading;
  • Exercises to improve memory. What is the last phone number you remember? Or, how fast do you remember the names of some people you just meet? Grace to the new technologies, we are able to work with a big amount of information, but if we rely too much on devices and gadgets, our brains will become lazy. In the limitless book, there are some useful techniques and exercises you can do daily to keep in shape your brain.
  • Exercises to improve sleep. There are some clearly and scientifically proven facts that without good sleep, your body will become more and more exposed to depression and other health issues. In a world where everything is moving and changing fast, is hard to be relaxed and fall asleep fast. In the limitless book, there are some techniques that will help you to discard your brain from stressful info and sleep better.
  • Exercises to overcome depression. Sure there might be a billion reasons that can cause depression for someone, but the sure fact is that all these signals are going to and from your brain. By applying all the techniques described in the Limitless Book, the chances to get depression are much lower.
  • Exercises to prevent mental dementia. Sometimes it’s really frustrating to see a 3/4-year-old kid already playing games on his parent’s smartphone or computer. The brain is like a muscle it should be trained as much as possible as early as possible. If we start using gadgets while we’re young, the brain will become really lazy.
    There is a phenomenon called: mental dementia. We have access to a lot of information grace to technology but at the same time, our minds become lazier because there’s no needed to research the needed content from different sources. With just a few clicks we get everything we need and it’s no needed to put more effort into the research process.

What I don’t like in this book

It’s not just a book that you can read and feel smarter and better. It’s something you should read and apply. This can put you out of your comfort zone and if you don’t do anything but only read – you will feel some kind of discomfort. (a bit of ironing here)

What I really didn’t like 1: Too long introduction. Like any other bestseller, the introduction is really long and the author is trying to write as much as possible about himself. I would just resume the whole book in a practical guide with clear steps to do in order to improve specific sides of your life.

What I really didn’t like 2: While reading, you should periodically switch to the resources links and this is a bit distracting. For a person that can easily lose focus (like me), it can make the book-reading process much longer. I would just put the needed tables with info directly in each chapter.

What I really didn’t like 3: Too many comparisons with heroes from Marvel. Not everyone is a fan of fantasy movies. If you didn’t watch any of these movies, it can be harder to understand some chapters.

What I really didn’t like 4: After you read this book, Jim Kwik has a mentorship program which is expensive. I would like to get at least some discounts as a book reader. )))

Some reviews from other readers

While there are a lot of positive reviews on Amazon, there is also some negative feedback as well (esp. on Goodreads). I decided to write my personal limitless book review in order to help my followers to understand what’s this book real value is.

Here are some reviews from other sources:

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limitless book review on amazon


I don’t know how useful will be my Limitless book review, but I hope it will help someone. For me reading this book is like having a personal coach, mentor, and friend all in one. If you don’t like reading, you can access Jim Kwik’s Youtube Channel where he describes the same techniques from the book. The only difference is that you need to sort them in proper order to understand the content. The book version is already structured in the needed order so you can just follow chapter by chapter and get to the needed results.

What’s your next big goal?
Sparking a passion?
Achieving abundance?
Breaking through a hurdle?
Whatever your goal is, let Jim Kwik be the key to success.⁣
Save the trees! Order this book in electronic format from Amazon. Here’s the link:

Have you already read this book? What do you think about it? Write your impressions in the comments below.

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