Cloudways Hosting: The Best Option for Your Site in 2024?

Cloudways hosting is one of the best from the marked in 2022. Still thinking which hosting provider to chose? The answer is simple - Read more...

Cloudways Hosting: Quick Overview

Cloudways is a hosting service that prioritizes performance and simplicity.
From the straightforward server and application setup to the regular server maintenance, Cloudways eliminates all the difficulties of server management so you can keep focusing on growing your business.

You receive vital management tools and services when you sign up with Cloudways hosting for your e-commerce storefronts and company websites.

The principal feature of Cloudways is choice, including the selection of cloud service providers, the option to host practically all PHP-powered applications, the choice to use a premium or free SSL, and the choice to employ developer- and agency-focused workflows.

When you start with the server and application launch, users are given the freedom to choose and the ability to concentrate on their top priorities. Users can choose from various well-known applications and five IaaS providers to tailor the Cloudways platform to their operational needs and business operations (Vultr, GCE, Linode, AWS, and DigitalOcean).

The platform is infused with the theme, enabling customers to create nearly 50 different application and server administration processes swiftly.

Therefore, whether you’re an online store, an agency, or a freelance developer with a sizable clientele, Cloudways delivers the perfect mix of capabilities to help you get the most out of the managed hosting platform for your company websites and client projects.

Top Features

cloudways hosting

One of the best hosting companies in 2024

As a pioneer of cloud hosting and a promoter of the technology, Cloudways provides users with significant benefits, such as exceptional uptime, incredibly flexible scalability, and overall superior performance to traditional web hosts.

Why should you even think about cloud hosting at all? Because numerous servers can host your site in the cloud that boosts its performance and security. Additionally, cloud hosting enables you to instantly scale up or down your website in response to traffic peaks.

However, you know that setting up cloud hosting alone isn’t always the simplest thing to do or comprehend.
Using Cloudways, you can end the annoying technical hassles and concentrate on creating your website. 
In other words, Cloudways will manage your cloud hosting even if you host your website on Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platforms, or other infrastructures.

You could be a lone proprietor with an online business selling robot overalls or a freelancer building your portfolio. You only need to set up your WordPress website on a reputable cloud hosting provider to run the local bait and barbershop. Whatever the circumstance, you can upload your data to the cloud quickly and reliably using Cloudways’ managed hosting choices.


cloudways hosting pricing

A Fair Pay-As-You-Go Method

Using Cloudways hosting, you have the option of paying monthly or hourly.
Cloudways will cost you more than going straight to the cloud providers. You pay for the security, support, and control panel services that Cloudways offers. You are paying for the unique features of WordPress that will, like butter on an R&B singer, speed up the loading and operation of your website.

Since you can quickly scale your hosting package up or down as necessary with Cloudways, you never pay for more server resources than you utilize.
While this feature is not unique to Cloudways hosting, it is reasonable to be informed. At the end of the month, Cloudways will charge you for the resources you used.

With its three-day trial, you may try out Cloudways’ services for nothing. Even though three days isn’t much, you’ll at least have a general concept of how the service operates. Also take note that Cloudways does not provide the typical 30-, 60-, or 90-day money-back guarantees, although that is mostly irrelevant given the pay-as-you-go pricing model.

To pay in advance for the services you require, you can also add money to your account. You can sort of receive a refund in this situation. If a request is submitted within three months of the funds being added, Cloudways will return any unused prepaid account monies.

Lightning Fast Speed, 100% server uptime with no Additional Charge

Cloudways hosting uptime

According to Google Page Speed Insights : it has a score of 100 on both mobile and desktop.
Cloudways offers 100% uptime and 450–650 millisecond loading times as a cloud-based web hosting company. It is primarily due to the company’s partnerships with some of the most outstanding cloud service providers in the market, including Linode, Google Cloud, AWS, DigitalOcean, and Vultr.

You can scale your server using Cloudways’ vertical scaling to meet your website’s or application’s demands. For instance, you can easily add more RAM to your server to manage the increase in popularity if your application is seeing a spike in traffic.

Together, these features enable Cloudways hosting to deliver exceptional performance and site speed. User reviews confirm that their loading times are 40% to 50% faster than those provided by shared web hosting.

Hassle-free WordPress Site Migration

cloudways hosting migration plugin

Even though Cloudways hosting isn’t entirely user-friendly for beginners, it’s still much more straightforward than doing everything by hand. For instance, the professionals at Cloudways hosting will migrate your website for you if you don’t have the time to learn how to do it yourself.

You may save time and aggravation using Cloudways’ free WordPress migrating service.
Even though they’ll only provide this service for free once, it’s still quite helpful. If your existing host cannot manage your blog’s popularity, Cloudways will quickly restore service to your site. If your one free migration has been used up, Cloudways has a special plugin that you may use to transfer swiftly to your websites.

Excellent Control Panel and One-click WordPress Hosting

Cloudways hosting control panel

Few other providers give you the monitoring capability that Cloudways’ control panel does, which has more than a dozen real-time choices for keeping a watch on your server. Additionally, its control panel offers benefits Plesk and cPanel do not, such as vertical scaling, cache control, server cloning, Powerful App control, and more.

Everything you require, including the aforementioned one-click WordPress installations and storage and RAM scalability, is gathered in the control panel. Let’s examine some of the specifics in more detail:
WordPress hosting is made mindlessly simple with Cloudways hosting.
You get:
⦁ Installation, backups, and restorations with a single click.
⦁ Integrated caching plugin.
⦁ Utilizing the WordPress Migrator Plugin, you can move as many WordPress blogs as you want for no cost.
⦁ Your WordPress server’s capacity to scale.
Using Cloudways to host WordPress is as simple as pie in the sky. To my knowledge, that isn’t a thing, and it probably shouldn’t be. What matters is how simple it is.

Additionally, Cloudways lets you set up a staging area so you may test your site before going live. Without interfering with your site visitors’ experience, you can clone this site and try it to your heart’s delight.

Cloudways Hosting Pricing

The pricing of Cloudways, which is less expensive than its rivals, is one of its strong points.
The monthly starting fee for Cloudways is $10. Prices for Cloudways vary on the resources you use, and the firm offers a variety of plans to match all types of websites, from a straightforward WordPress blog to a large app, which is just one of the many factors contributing to the service’s stellar reviews.

Cloudways accepts payments through PayPal and credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), just like other well-known shared hosting providers.


Even for those with little experience using managed cloud hosting services, setting up Cloudways is quick and easy. The server runs very fast: My test site received a 100 rating from Google Page Speed Insights.
Additionally, Cloudways hosting has very reasonable costs. Plans start at $10/month, which is significantly less than the industry average.

The fastest approach to determine whether Cloudways’ service will meet your site’s or application’s demands is to use their free trial. If you join through a free trial, you may quickly upgrade and become a client.
Here is a link to start the risk-free trial:

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