Best Web Hosting for Small Business in 2023

The most important element of a website is its hosting. If you are looking for the best web hosting for small business, make sure that you choose a host that is reliable and has the power to handle your site’s needs.


What is web hosting? Web hosting is a … I’m joking. We’re not gonna write here the basic stuff like other blogs do. I value your time and that’s why we’ll go straight to the subject.

The most important element of a website is its hosting. If you are looking for the best web hosting for small business, make sure that you choose a host that is reliable and has the power to handle your site’s needs.

Before choosing the best offer, you should be aware of some useful info that will help you to get the wanted presence online faster than your competitors.

After reading this, you’ll understand what’s really the best web hosting for a small business and why it’s the best. + Some bonus info that will help you avoid the mistakes made by almost 90% of small businesses I worked with.

Small Business Mistakes

small business web hosting
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After more than 15 years in the marked, I worked with a lot of small businesses that wanted to improve their presence on the internet. Choosing the wrong website hosting for small business was their main mistake. Some additional mistakes made by almost any of them are bellow. These might be the reasons why you still don’t have the wanted results online.

Choosing a shared hosting

small business web hosting
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It’s the cheapest way to start…well, it seems to be cheap…but you have to pay a much higher price at the end – Your TIME. It’s for sure not the best website hosting for small business and here’s why:

You can pay here $10/year(or even less) but:

  • most probably your site will load slow (even if there’s everything ok);
  • you can get a lot of spam from unclear sources;
  • you will pay to different programmers to “optimize” the loading speed (but it wouldn’t help!);
  • you can get your site hacked (yes…this can happen with shared hostings);
  • you can have your site completely down during the most important business hours;
  • and the list can continue

At the end, you will be forced to do all the job again. In most cases it’s needed to rebuild the site from scratch.
These $10 are not worth your attention if you want to really focus on scaling your business online.

Later in this post we’ll tell you what’s really the best web hosting for small business and why it’s the best + some good practices on how to get the most out of it.

Using cracked themes

small business web hosting
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Sometimes, the business owners don’t even know that their site is built on a cracked(hacked) theme. This is really a bad thing. You can get a lot of headaches. Make sure if you hire a freelancer to develop your site – he’s using an officially bought theme with valid license and ask him all the contacts to developer and product admin panel.

If you want to create your site by yourself – don’t try to “hack the system” and find the loved theme for free. Most probably it will contain viruses that will cause you later a lot of problems.

Better invest some money at the beginning for a good theme and buy it officially. You will get there regularly updates, and access to the new features and improvements. Keep in mind that Google also loves when a website is constantly updated. Your investments will be recovered pretty fast if everything else is done properly.

Using suspicious plugins

best web hosting for small business
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Same things discussed above on the themes paragraph. Don’t try to “hack the system” and search for free versions of paid tools. They can break your website (if it’s already created) or will damage the future one.

The most needed plugins for a good working website have the officially free versions. Make sure you use them from the official WordPress app store. We’ll cover some good website setups in our future articles. Subscribe to our site to get more useful info when it’s published.

While scaling your business online, you should keep your small business web hosting secure!

Working with unexperienced freelancers

website hosting for small business
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The most popular options online ar Fiverr or Upwork. Initially on Fiverr there were a lot of freelancers ready to work for pennies (there still are such people). But cheap – doesn’t mean good, and the same for expensive ones…unfortunately (you can pay a lot of money and still get a shit work).

So how can you make sure you found the best candidate? See the reviews, and read the ones with 2,3,4 stars (if there are any). Ask for some work samples. Check if the same person is doing the same job on different platforms (a simple search in Google usually gives some more data about any person). And the most important: you can communicate a bit through online chat before sending some tasks. You can see if a person is at least adequate and knows his job.

On Upwork the amount of professional freelancers is higher, but the prices are high as well. This doesn’t mean that the required task will be done properly. You can do the same candidate-filtering process, and make sure you choose the best fit for your job.

The platforms gives you the opportunity to ask for tasks reviews – don’t under-estimate it. If you don’t like the result you got – ask for a remake or write to the freelancer what to be changed.

Sharing server access with to many people

best web hosting for small business
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Sharing your web hosting access with too many people can be very risky because you don’t know what they might do with your website. The more people you give server access to, the higher the risk of malicious attacks. For example, if someone changed the settings of a website from HTTP protocol (web address) to FTP (file transfer protocol), then anyone who knows that information could easily upload malware or change other settings without authorization.

The more people who have access to the server, the more likely it is that someone will accidentally delete an important file or make changes to a security setting. So it’s usually best to limit access to one person in the organization.

It is important to note that it is not just about how many people you allow on your server, but also what they are allowed to do and what they can see.

IMPORTANT: If you give access to site admin panels, server management or other confidential stuff – Make sure you keep the ADMIN role and create additional user acc for freelancers (which you will delete later when the tasks are done). This will help you keep in control all your digital assets.

Not doing regularly back-ups of the site

best web hosting for small business
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The importance of backups cannot be overstated. It’s the only way to ensure that your site is safe and can be recovered in the event of a catastrophe.

If you are not backing up your site, then you are risking losing all of your hard work and putting yourself at risk for a major data loss. This could include things like:
– The inability to access your site or blog;
– Data corruption;
– Data loss;
– Unauthorized access to your files and sensitive data.

It is important to do regular backups of your site because you never know when you might need it. You might need it for many reasons, but the most common reason is that your site has been hacked. If you have a backup, then the hacker can’t do any more damage to your site.

Cloudways hosting is doing automatic backups for you, so you can recover the version of your site with just a few clicks.

Using outdated technology

The risks of using outdated technology on website development are that it will not be able to keep up with the demands of the current generation. Every day, new technologies are created to make the internet a better place.

By keeping your website outdated it will load slower than your competitors, it will be outranked in Google search results, you will lose customers because of low loading speed and the arguments can continue. In the worst cases, your site can just crash during the most important times.

Cloudways is providing users the access to the newest technologies (latest PHP & MySQL versions, Elasticsearch, CDN optimizations, Image optimizations and so on).

Using a wrong platform for site development

I remember a few years ago I had a client that wanted to update his website because of some “small” technical issues. It was built on Joomla (I hate this platform). It’s for sure not the best platform to build a decent website. When I asked him why used Joomla? He answered that it was “in trends” at some time and he decided to create his site on it. After almost $5k invested in this website, it was needed to build it from scratch on WordPress so he can manage it easier later by himself.

Before making the final decision, ask yourself – How this site will be managed after the developers delivers it to me? If you can give the management side to outsource – it’s ok. But mostly, the small businesses doesn’t have enough resources for outsourcing so they have to manage their sites by themselves.

Chose a platform with a easy to use backend and with enough documentation. I recommend to go with WordPress if you have a usual website or if you have an e-commerce you have 2 good options: WordPress with Woocommerce or Shopify.

So What’s The Best Web Hosting for Small Business?

Choosing a web hosting provider is not an easy task to do while there are many different providers out there and it can be confusing to know which one to choose. While other sites are providing different lists of hosting companies, I can simply recommend only one: Cloudways!

It’s a reliable hosting company that will offer a variety of packages and plans that will fit any budget or size requirement. They also provide different levels of customer service depending on what you need. This is really the best web hosting for small business!

  • You can start with $10/month and storage unlimited websites!
  • You can scale as you go. While your websites becomes bigger, you will need more storage space and bandwidth. You can scale it here with one click. Without needed to move your files to another server. And a lot of technical headaches.
  • Professional customer support that will help you always.
  • 100% up time. Since I started using this hosting, I never got my sites down or crashed.
  • Integrated CDN (Content Delivery Network) – your can site will load as fast as possible, everywhere in the world.
  • WordPress optimized setups, e-commerce optimized setups. Your sites will load lightning fast!
  • Integrated SSL. Your users will always see your site as safe to use.
  • Integrated SMTP. You can setup custom mails with your domain [email protected] and your emails won’t never go to customers SPAM folders. Everything will be properly delivered 100%.
  • Optimization for images and support of next-gen image extensions. The images takes most time to load on a website. With next-gen formats, everything will load as fast as possible.
  • FREE site migration. If you already have a site on a different hosting, they have a special tool that will help you to migrate everything to your new Cloudways hosting without problems. (Unlimited site size and files – FOR FREE!)
  • It has a FREE TRIAL period for new users. You can just sign-up for free and test it before buying, but I assure you – it’s really the best web hosting for small business!

the best small business web hosting is here

Open your FREE TRIAL account

I hope we helped you to find the best web hosting for your small business. If you liked it or want more info, don’t hesitate to write a comment bellow or share this article to someone who searches a good website hosting for small business.

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